Xerxes (RODRIGO SANTORO), the Persian king who claims to be a god, stands atop his elaborate golden litter in Warner Bros.

Dark Horse Comics has already announced that “Xerxes”, graphic novel by Frank Miller prequel of “300”, will become a movie, directed by Zack Snyder too. The novel is ready to be published and the cover has been spread out last month. Frank Miller’s story is set about 10 years before “300”, starting from the Battle  [ Read More ]

politics of art

Politics of Art From the EMST collection Curated by: Anna Kafetsi, Director of EMST To celebrate the 10 years of operation of the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens a large scale exhibition titled Politics of Art, From the EMST collection, is being organized from October 13, 2010 until January 30, 2011. The exhibition will  [ Read More ]