After years spent studying shoes, creating them and imagining them on the feet of fantastic women, dreamy and seductive, fantasy-spinning temptresses from exotic lands, at last Duccio Venturi’s eclecticism has found its mood. Inspiration from other cultures, picked up during his globe-trotting days, marries perfectly with the style and eccentric tastes of a new  [ Read More ]

1 [642020]

  In the rich imagination of fashion designer Indra Kaffemanaite, it is all just a game, a love story in which there are no winners or losers, just the intention to ‘borrow’ the shirt from the male in order to transform it, wear it, show it off… and then make amends. And here, the shirt  [ Read More ]


“To Lee, With Love, Nick” is the brave new short-movie by director/photographer Nick Knight, tribute to the great fashion designer Alexander McQueen, dead in february 2010. Bjork has written a song featuring that movie as soundtrack, to remember and dictate the artist who worked with her form many kaleidoscopic works, as long as with other  [ Read More ]