After his latest “Alice in Wonderland” 3D movie, Director Tim Burton is pleased to announce the shooting start of his forthcoming movie, “The Dark Shadow”, adding to “The Wrap” during his exhibition opening at the LA County Museum of Art, that it  just began production, and confirming it won’t be in 3D. “I have no  [ Read More ]


Ewan McGregor has already presented his new forthcoming movie, “Perfect Sense”, directed by David MacKenzie (“Young Adam”), with a script written by Kim Fups Aakeson (“Happy End”) and co-starring Eva Green (“Casino Royale”, “The Dreamers”), at the last edition of Robert Redford’s Sundance Film Festival 2011 (20-31.01.2011), also featuring actor Ewen Bremner (“Funeral Party”, “My  [ Read More ]