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Andrew Vladeck – interview –
He comes from Brooklyn and he plays folk. His name is Andrew Vladeck, an american talented songwriter ready to cross Europe from Holland to Italy with his instruments and a great enthusiasm. Before to leave for the european tour we made some questions to Andrew and we found some of his tastes and a contagious sympathy.

Hi Andrew, are you ready for your first european tour?
I am ready. I have all my Star Wars figures in their carrying case, my lucky teddy bear (he speaks 5 languages!), and a huge appetite! Plus I have studied the lay of the land, and taken yodeling lessons.

What do you expect from Europe?
I generally try to keep my expectations in check, but since I’ve been there a several times, I’m so excited to see some old friends and make new ones, to drive through the beautiful landscape, and eat good food. No McDonalds!

When you were a teenager you tried to play pop music, than you decided to change your style. You decided to play a different kind of music. How is changed your idea about music?
I listened to pop music – I never tried to play it. I couldn’t relate to it enough to bother trying. When I fell in love with folk music, that is when it became more effortless. I think enthusiasm goes a long way with music and with all things. So the only things that’s changed is knowing how to recognize what music (and etc.) makes me REALLY FLIPPIN PSYCHED!

The attraction to opposites, the modern and the historical, the urban and the rural, informs your music. What can you say about this?
I’ve always been attracted to opposites – the mystery that they can embody. I love differences, in people and places. I live in a modern, urban setting which I love, but doesn’t, ahem “complete me.” Oh jeez, I can’t believe I just wrote that. But you know – the historical, rural crap is AMAZING and weird and interesting and soulful.

What are your main influences?
Vinyl records, direct lyrics, coffee table books, black and white photographs, the view from an elevated subway train, the first drop on the Coney Island Cyclone, pizza, ripe avocados, table wine, the East River, and you. You, you, you.

Do you think that Brooklyn is a good place for a kind of music like yours?
A major city is a good place for just about anything. NYC is such a big crossroads that you can find enough people to dig just about anything you wanna fire up. Is it the BEST place? Probably not. The rents are WAY too high for many artists to live decently. But still, when you love something, you find you often don’t have a choice. The best place is probably a combination of places (Am I cheating?), and one of those places would have to be “THE ROAD.”

by Marco Mantovani

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