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Saturday the 23 of June 2012, opens the fifth edition of Contemporary Art at Villa Pisani, a project that from now on, will take place every two years: Niele Toroni, and Arthur Duff are the artists encouraged to design and produce original works for the Villa Pisani Bonetti in Bagnolo Lonigo Vicenza, an early masterpiece of Andrea Palladio’s architecture.

The project, started in 2007 by Manuela Bedeschi and Carlo Bonetti, collectors of contemporary art and current owners of the Villa, is coordinated by Luca Massimo Barbero and edited by Francesca Pola.

The works produced by the two artists are thought to interact with the place and space of an inhabited dwelling, in a private and lived dimension which is not only an exhibition area.

The exhibition will take place until November the 10th.

Monday to Friday 15-17, Saturday 10-12, the first Sunday of each month 10-12, all days by appointment.

Villa Pisani Bonetti

Via Risaie, 1

Bagnolo di Lonigo (Vicenza)

Tel 0444 831104 Fax 0444 835517

DIMORE STORICHE ITALIANE, the Association of Italian Historical Mansions, points out on its website the nearby venues:

Castello di Thiene

The Porto-Colleoni-Thiene castle is the most significant 15th century gothic building erected, for a residential reason, in the surroundings of Vicenza. It is considered a unique example of its kind and a milestone in the development of the Venetian villas. It combines the peculiarities of a castle to those of a Venetian palace and, more specifically, to those of a ‘casa-fondaco’: which is, all in one, a home, a warehouse and a trading place. On the ground floor of the building, and facing the front of the castle, there is a vast ‘loggia’ with five large arcades; above it, on the first floor, a gothic ‘pentafora’, a real rarity for a palace outside of Venice. The castle was probably built by the well-known architect Domenico da Venezia. Inside, its many halls are still perfectly furnished and they include a large collection of family portraits; of great importance are the frescoes painted by G.Battista Zelotti and G. Antonio Fasolo. Antiques such as clothes, fashion accessories and every-day objects are on-show in the ‘private’ rooms. The equestrian paintings are rather unusual and absolutely spectacular are the stables, designed by the architect Francesco Muttoni, and which date back to the beginning of the 18th century.

Villa Angarano

Villa Angarano Bianchi Michiel was commissioned by Conte Giacomo Angarano to his friend Andrea Palladio.

The project of the villa is included in the “Four Architectural Books” by A. Palladio., where there is an interesting annotation on the local delicacies like the wine and fruits: “And this place, famous for its precious wines that are made and for the fruits that arrive, and even more for the generosity of the owner”.

In 1556 the works began but the central body remained uncompleted and built towards the end of the 17th century by the Venetian architect Domenico Margutti in typically baroque style.

The front of the right portico houses the noble S. Maria Maddalena chapel, also attributed to Margutti. There are eighteen statues present in the complex, attributed to the well reputed sculptor Giacomo Cassetti known as il Marinali (1682-1750).

Now the villa is owned by the Bianchi Michiel five sisters.

Under appointment, it is possible to organise visits to the villa and wine tasting of the wines produced by Villa Angarano.

by Chiara Spagnoli

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