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“Black Hole: Californian Punk 1977-1980” 



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Best known for his book-masterpiece “England’s Dreaming” (’91) – about punk music and the Sex Pistols -, the music journalist and broadcaster Jon Savage, gives his tribute to the Californian punk wave set in Usa from 1977 to 180, connecting important punk bands and heroes (from The Germs to The Zeros) in order to celebrate the first flow of punk rock music in California.
Before that, only pop-rock and glam rock bands had the domain, but in that 3 years the local labels had to front and support that black hole of this kind of music.
Jon Savae, in that upcoming compilation, “Black Hole: Californian Punk 1977-1980”, gives the bases to tell the story of punk rock music, where Califorinan punker were the self-starters, creating an infrastructure out of nothing (and the clubs to the fanzines too), racing from step-up rockers and pure punkers to synth experimenters and consciousness raisers, leavened with the theatre of the absurd. He experienced a little of that subculture, disappointed about the no media attenction to it, because England had created Punk, but, maybe, Califoria continued it.
“Black Hole” is the music lesson about all the most important punk bands settled in that area, you should not forget about.
The roots of hardcore music and grunge too.
The basis for today’s alternative rock from Usa.
Music encyclopaedic!

01. The Germs – Forming
02. The Dils – I Hate The Rich
03. The Screamers – Peer Pressure
04. Crime – Murder By Guitar
05. The Zeros – WIMP
06. The Avengers – We Are The One
07. The Consumers – Anti Anti Anti
08. The Randoms – A-B-C-D
09. Black Randy and the Metro Squad – Trouble at the Cup
10. The Alleycats – Nothing Means Nothing Anymore
11. The Weirdos – Solitary Confinement
12. The Zeros – Beat Your Heart Out
13. X – We’re Desperate
14. The Offs – 624803
15. The Sleepers – Seventh World
16. The Middle Class – Situations
17. The Bags – Survive
18. The Germs – Media Blitz
19. The Middle Class – Love Is Just a Tool
20. The Flesheaters – Pony Dress
21. Urinals – Black Hole
22. The Aurora Pushups – Victims of Terrorism
23. The Avengers – The American In Me
24. The Dead Kennedys – California Uber Alles
25. The Dils – The Sound of the Rain
26. The Sleepers – Los Gatos

 by Ilaria Rebecchi

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