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The Galerie Espèces d’Espaces presents artist Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi
“CALEMBOURS FABULEUX” 12th October – 8th November 2014

Exhibition by Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi

Opening on SUNDAY 12th OCTOBER

From 5pm


“In the exhibit « Calembours fabuleux », (Fabulous Puns) artist Chiara Spagnoli

Gabardi presents her first solo show in Paris : a workshop of ideas through ten

unique object collages that compose a series of patchworks on canvas.

The Fabulous Puns are an encounter between wordplay and miscellaneous

materials, that thusly plunge us in the universe of a young Milanese (Italy)

artist, who portrays life with irony and simplicity.

Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi comes from New York where she works as journalist

and artist, and has exhibited her works next to the ones of great artists such

as Andy Warhol, whom she is inspired by.

She places materials on canvas evoking and reinventing « pop art », the dada

movement or « ready made ». She plays with materials, objects, words, with a sense of

humour that may remind of Duchamp.

Her refreshing approach playfully welds signified and signifier. Words are intricate in their

miscomprehensions and she unites matter, objects, provocation with her typical

« british » humour, a Mona Lisa smile as opposed to a boisterous outburst of

Objects become an artistic research or the narrative means useful both to the

artist and the viewer to tell us new stories…

The titles of the works often lead us back to artists of the 19th century, Chiara Spagnoli

Gabardi plays with the classical epoch to account the contemporary era, where

the human body has been exploited by the media. Hence she goes back to

basic objects to trigger us all to return to the essential things in life, through

food and objects. Cushions, forks, playing cards, fries, biscuits and other

materials allude to one of the greatest skills we have, human inventiveness.”

Curator Leonora Lotti

Galerie Espèces d’espaces

In collaboration with CD Fashion Paris

10, rue Popincourt

75011 PARIS

Subway (Voltaire ou Bastille)


Facebook: Galerie Espèces d’espaces

Tuesday : 12:00-21:00

Wednesday :11:00-20:00

Thursday 11:00-20:00

Friday : 11:00-20:00

Saturday : 10:30-18:30

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