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J.C. Chandor has come to present his second feature film, All is Lost, Out of Competition, together with Robert Redford, the film's only actor.


Robert Redford, on his performance:

It's a very big challenge being alone, with no crutch, no dialogue, no words. It's a challenge that attracted me a lot as an actor. I wanted to give myself entirely to a director.

I trusted him so much that I could just go let myself go, I gave myself up completely.


J.C. Chandor, on his main actor:

I saw Robert Redford at Sundance during a conference. I was sitting at the back of the room, but I could hear his voice clearly and it was as if he was only talking to me, even though there were more than 300 directors in the room. I told mself I had to ask him. And straight away he said yes!


Robert Redford, on silence:

I believe in the role of silence in film and in life because often we talk far too much. Silence allows you to really live your role and forces you to totally trust the director.


Robert Redford, on the pace of the world today:

The role of technology is constantly speeding things up. The pace of life is getting faster and the energy is fascinating, but how long will it last? This is the is theme of the film because it is the opposite of what we are experiencing in today's world. We see time, a boat and a man, as opposed to all the noise we make in my country today.


J.C. Chandor, on the role of music:

We worked with an incredible musician for eight months, the music is very important in the film, it couldn't function without it. It comes in a crescendo and builds the spectator's trust. It enhances the story. The music reflects the character's life and thanks to it the spectator forms a bond with him.


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