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Third Person is the upcoming movie by Award winner Paul Haggis, starring superstars Mila Kunis, James Franco, Liam Neeson, Adrien Brody, Olivia Wilde and Kim Basinger.

It follows three inter connected love stories of three couples in three cities, looking from the beginning to the middle era step to the end of a relationship. In Rome Sean falls in love with an italian woman, Monica, inevitably drawn into a plot where he tries ti free her daughter kidnapped, and emotions run high as we ans Sean question whether this is a set up or not. In New York Julia is divorcing her husband, trying at all costs to regain custody of her aon, and in Paris Michael, who is a writer who recently left his wife, receives a visit from his lover Anna. The story explores their very complicated on/off relationship due to her inability to commit because of a terrible secret.

We met Mr Haggis:

I'm going to finish the movie in august, hoping to go to Toronto FF or Venice to present it. It's an independent movie, not a major one, but I think it's my best movie yet. It's not a story about destiny, because I think that we all are masters of our destiny: it's about love, of course, and relationships, in different plans, like in my previous movie Crash. The difficult thing is to find the connections between the stories, and all of my characters is similar to me or to my friends. My cast is amazing: so many stars in an indipendent production, from Adrien who's been since the beginning my first choice, to Liam who came after Russel Crowe, and Mila Kunis who was, inmmy first idea, too young and beautiful for the role od Julia, but convinvpced me since I met her for a simole coffee. You know, the story is about moments of a love story, but I know that as you grow you think ti understand more but is less than you imagine, year after year. It makes you think that you can't judge other people, or the characters, because the heroes are always the villains, and vice versa. The aim is: we all have to make questions, to find answers!”

Great Director!


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