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12 crazy amazing, funny and tragic, desquatre around the world, 12 cartoonists, defend democracy and have fun with, as only weapon, a pencil, the risk of their lives. They are: French, Tunisian, Russian, Mexican, American, Burkina Faso, China, Algeria, Ivory Coast, Venezuela, Israel and Palestine.
About the movie, Director Stephanie Valloatto:
“This film is a state of  democracy in the world  through crossed paths  bold twelve cartoonists
Funny and defending freedom  expression in their countries  respective France, China, USA,  Venezuela, Mexico, Algeria, Tunisia, Israel, Palestine, Côte  d’Ivoire, Burkina Faso …  Drawing on themes as  stronger than religion, economics,  finance, politics,  War … Cartoonists  continuously check the degree “democratic “countries and their expose themselves in the front line: they are the foot soldiers of the democracy. ”

The weapon of the infantry seems to be humor. Do you think humor can shake democracy, to forward?
“Humor is the prerogative of any cartoonist since caricature is a way to mock, to point finger to denounce making readers smile . Caricature learns self-mockery : a man policy or a large manufacturer who takes the caricature first degree and can not laugh at himself, is not a liberal. The humor in the cartoon is a powerful weapon that disturbs the power (political , economic, military ) and can do tremble. The example shows the Syrian cartoonist how the scheme bachar has l- has SSDA do not like caricature. Has li Ferzat was kidnapped, put in a bag and beaten . on broke his fingers he can no longer express themselves and to set an example those who would be humorous on has SSDA and his regime. Venezuelan designer , r ayma has
also made a drawing on which she wrote : “a government without humor is not democratic “, speaking of the Chavez regime .”

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