admin On gennaio - 21 - 2014

by Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi

Carol Channing is a living legend, the Broadway diva turned 93 at Town Hall, where she celebratied the 50th anniversary of the musical she most performed, ‘Hello Dolly,’ during an event that saw her company of transgender performer Justin Vivian Bond.

The performance was opened by the former drag-Radical Faierie singer-songwriter Justin, who sung a selection of songs that he intertwined with witty, irreverent speeches, that warmed up the atmosphere, in view of the arrival of the three Tony Awards winner Carol Channing.

When the tiny and energetic American, singer, actress and comedian appeared on stage the standing ovation and round of applause seemed to tear down the theatre. Carol had the long coveted public delightful conversation with Justin, alternated with some video clips that included filmed celebrity tributes, footage from Ms. Channing’s career and questions submitted in advance.

Everyone was moved to have the divine star of the Great White Way, “back where she belonged” (paraphrasing ‘Hello Dolly’s lyrics) on Broadway.



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