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The Hotel Excelsior in Lido di Venezia will host Digital Expo during the 68th Venice International Film Festival (31 August -10 September 2011).

Digital Expo is an event which gathers people working in the film and audiovisual production sector (documentary films, videos, commercials, digital animations, etc.) and in digital technologies.

It will take place in the Industry Office of the Festival, focussing on three main themes:

– Digital Video Library

– Meetings

– Business Relations and exhibition areas.

The Industry Office will offer professional participants in a single venue (Excelsior Hotel of the Lido di Venezia):

– Digital Video Library

– Digital Expo exhibition area

– Business Centre with information desk

– mailboxes per company

– Internet positions and Wi-Fi network

– the Industry Club, an exclusive meeting area for producers, buyers and sellers and the exhibition area of Digital Expo.


Digital Video Library is a service by the 68th Venice International Film Festival in cooperation with Expo Venice 

Digital Video Library offers:

– all Industry Trade participants free access to the Digital Video Library presenting products submitted through Digital Expo.

– Industry Trade Gold participants will also have exclusive access to the films from the official selection of the festival present in the Digital Video Library.

Priority admission for Buyers.

Accredited production or world sales companies may submit one or more films to the Digital Video Library.

The Digital Video Library will increase the visibility of the presented film at the festival, offering an efficient and safe platform on which to present it.

– Simultaneous playback of the same film by multiple viewers

– Immediate access to all information on the film thanks to user-friendly interface

– Viewing reports for sales agents and producers on who has been accessing their film.


t. +39 041 5334850


How to get to Lido di Venezia

By train: after arrival at the railway station of Venezia S.Lucia, catch a vaporetto boat for the Lido (ACTV public transport routes 51/52). Alight at Lido/S. Maria Elisabetta.

By car: leave motorway at Venice exit , follow indications for Venezia-Lido, board ACTV traghetto (ferry).

By vaporetto (boat): from Piazzale Roma and from the railway station, ACTV routes 1/82/61 or 51/52.

By air: from Marco Polo airport, Alilaguna vaporetto. Alight at Lido/ S. Maria Elisabetta.

Info: +39 041.2424 – –


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