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by Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi

Former model and now CEO of Nordic Beauty, Mette Risdal is no stranger to the business of beauty. Like some of her catwalk colleagues, with an eco-friendly heart, she decided to switch side of the industry, keeping a keen head for business through her aesthetic sense, and her belief in natural and organic products.

In this Exclusive Interview she presents her latest product and shares what inspires her:

Like other models you decided to switch to the entrepreneurial side of the business, what triggered you to do it in an eco way?

I have always had a passion about high quality and healthy skin products. I grew up very allergic to synthetic fragrance so I couldn’t use any products with synthetic fragrance and other synthetic ingredients because it gave me eczema and psoriasis. I had this as a kid and had to read labels very carefully after learning that pretty much every brand on the market had chemicals and very harmful ingredients. As my modeling career was coming to an end, I decided to combine my passion for healthy skin products with my love for business. That resulted in me entering the beauty product world, first selling other manufacturers products. But I quickly realized there was a gap in the market for high quality, safe, healthy products that are good for the body. And with that, Nordic Beauty was born.


How is Nordic Beauty a Sustainable brand?

Nordic Beauty is 100% Natural with organic ingredients and we never use synthetic or harmful ingredients that has shown studies to cause allergies, eczema and cancer like sls, parabens, PEG’s, petrolatum, glycols, silicones, synthetic sunscreen and synthetic fragrance.  I am confident that my brand is sustainable because many of my competitors refuse to use the right and healthy ingredients in their products. Over time, everyone will realize that what you put on your body affects your health.


What is innovative about your latest product: the Youth Collagen Peptide Cream?

This cream is super hydrating with our anti-aging proprietary formulation of marine collagen peptides from Norway. The peptides are from the skin of wild caught Norwegian Cod, caught in the cold waters of Northern Norway’ s deep seas.  Using Cod in these deep waters helps ensure the highest purity standards for our Marine Collagen Peptides We use a technology that allows us to separate, purify, and hydrolyze the specific amino acids in our products. The Marine Collagen Peptides are so small they penetrate the epidermis layer of your skin, providing optimum power in forming new skin tissue cells and significantly help in the thickening of the epidermis layer. Proven results showed huge benefits in moisturizing and decreasing of fine lines and wrinkles. Ideal for very dry skin. This cream leaves your skin super soft. It also has organic lingonberry seed oil, organic iris stem cells, green tea extract, rosehip seed oil, organic essential oils of myrrh and boswellia carteri (frankincense oil).


Where can people buy it? and

Later this year we will be expanding into a few selected retail stores.


As a Norwegian what habits have you imported in your day-to-day life to stay beautiful?

Every morning I apply our SPF 30 CC cream. It is so important to wear a good moisturizer that not only protects your skin from daily environmental damages but also has SPF 30 to protect your skin from UVA and UVB rays.

Then I have my evening skincare routine as well.

I take (orally) fermented cod liver oil from my lab in Norway. This way it’s raw and cold pressed and contains all the amino acids, Vitamin D as well as Omega 3,6 and 9

Sometimes I put it in my hair and leave it in for about 1 hour before I shampoo and my hair looks and feel so nice after that.

I eat organic as much as possible and make organic fresh squeezed juices with all kinds of combinations; my favorite being kale, apple, lemon and ginger or carrot and ginger.

I constantly drink water but I usually add lemon, lime or fresh squeezed ginger to it for better taste!

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