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by Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi

EXKi organic-restaurant food chain was conceived in 1999 by a fantastic trio of Belgians: Frederic Rouvez, Nicolas Steisel and Arnaud de Meeus. These world travellers shared a passion for fresh food of high quality and decided to create a fast-casual restaurant where the food was natural, fresh & ready. Ever since then EXKi took flight to conquer spots around the globe, thanks to the selection of local, natural and seasonal ingredients and recipes, as well as the fact you may stop by to eat at any time from breakfast to dinner. No wonder it owes its name to the contraction of the word “exquisite”!

Since the first opening, the number of EXKi restaurants throughout Europe has grown to over 70 – establishing itself in countries such as France, Italy, Luxembourg and the Netherlands – and in June there will be the opening of the first EXKi in New York City (257 Park Avenue)! This particular restaurant will be managed under the supervision of rising star Chef Galen Zamarra of Mas.

EXKi’s kick-off in the Big Apple, received a green blessing from an exceptional Eco Hero: Pamela Peeters, an environmental economist and certified eco consultant, who has produced over 200 television episodes of the lifestyle magazine ‘Our Planet’, various short films and several radio segments. Pamela, is the founder of ‘Sustainable Week NYC,’ and is a published writer who lectures internationally and contributes in making sustainable development topics become a part of the mainstream media.

If you live in the City that never sleeps and are always out and about, but want to stay healthy, eat certified organic food grown in an environmentally friendly way, without exposure to fertilisers or chemical pesticides, the fast-casual “grab-and-go” EXKi will be just your cup of tea!



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