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By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi

Nail polish is the must have accessory of the 21st century. The third millennium girl may not wear jewellery, but she will always have some colour on her fingertips and toes. Hence the varnish you pick becomes an important matter.

The Danish brand, FNUG, not only continues to come up with alluring colours, which follow the latest in Scandinavian fashion, to ensure that your nails stay on trend, but it also vouchsafes the planet’s well-being. FNUG is fortified with vitamins A, D, E, B, and caviar, and most importantly is free from formaldehyde, toulene, or dibutyl phthalate [DBP]. The nourishing protein and strengthening silica varnish make the polish utterly chip resistant, therefore it is extremely long-lasting without the risk of breakage.

Founder, Charlotte Fnug Munksgaard, is based in Copenhagen, Denmark, and as well as having created the eco-nail polish line, FNUG gave life to skincare collection Organic M.A.K.E. If you pick her beauty products you’re sure to go for first-class-green quality. Her minute attention to details, from the packaging to the ingredients in her products, will conquer you.

FNUG nail polish comes in cute white organza draw-string bags, and housed in minimalist-designed bottles with a simple white brush cap. Charlotte says that her “Passion is colour in a bottle,” no wonder the palette of FNUG nail polishes so far ranges to 80 shades, ranging from subdued to bright hues. The lacquers are available in various finishes similar to fabrics, including: holographic, metal foil, metallic, neon matte, sheer, glitter, and cream.

Charlotte’s extraordinary pigments for the nails epitomise the charm and style famously typified by the Scandinavian fashion industry. FNUG has a consistency, texture and selection of colours like no other nail varnish on the market. Don’t be surprised if you won’t be able to take your eyes off your hands and feet, it’s because you’re wearing the utmost accessory of the century’s chictopia.






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