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Four young photographers, 22 days, 9000 km, 1800 Polaroid films. To wait for them, the beautiful, wild and endless landscape of Scandinavia.

It was the 3 of May 2010, about a year ago. Anna Morosini (aged 23, from Perugia), Elena Vaninetti (aged 25, from Milan), Gabriele Chiapparini (aged 29, from Bologna) and Andrea Colombo (aged 26, from Bologna) decided to leave for Scandinavia with their Polaroid cameras, to share the same experience from four different artistic points of view.

The name of this intimate and original project, Four Lines, recalls the graphic idea of four parallel lines which share the same path, keeping different perspective.

During their trip, the four artists decided to meet some local photographers chosen on the web, in order to see and feel the landscapes from several personal perspectives.

The pictures taken during the trip, sponsored by Fabrica Features, Impossible, Datatrade and Polaroiders, have been exposed in several exhibitions in Sweden, Italy and Spain.
Prints and catalogues are available on the project website:

Anna Morosini:

Elena Vaninetti:

Gabriele Chiapparini:

Andrea Colombo:

Fourlines website:

Fourlines blog:

By Eugenia Durante


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