admin On dicembre - 27 - 2011

The documentary by Henry William Bateman depicts the strong-willed passion and determination of the icy region to stand out of the crowd and make its way through towards a sustainable future. The country has the potential to be the testing ground for new technologies to fulfil an economy of subsistence farming, in complete vouchsafe of the ecosystem.

The time has come to be socially active. The Icelanders are all unite in acting glocal whilst thinking global, working to make the island the source for green energy. The world crisis spurs towards new ways of thinking and is grasped as an opportunity for innovation rather than the occasion to whine and feel sorry for oneself.

The direct contact with nature draws the human being back to an ancestral and primordial equilibrium, in which every technological and artificial element is out-of-place in the general harmony of things. The trend set seems to restore old values. Collaboration is the key for a new beginning. Believing in the country and in the people is the means to connect the world through the power of knowledge towards progress and a new beginning.

by Chiara Spagnoli


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