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Heroes in CrisisSolo

Varsi Gallery, San Salvatore in Campo 51, Rome

Varsi Gallery has organized the exhibition SOLO putting in place a real contemporary denouement to narrate of a society increasingly in crisis, where the real superhero is the human being able to survive. Due to the crisis superheroes have lost their superpowers, insomuch that by invincible became vulnerable.

  • The gallery will host the Renew search for Only that during the last year has traveled the world to investigate new businesses that invest these former superheroes today common men; by providing us with an idea increasingly clear: today's hero is one who has learned not only to live but to survive at the unfriendly economic trend of which we are all victims.
    The common man is the superhero of our times, who knows his way through as dishwater, hawker, Shoe Shine, a house painter, co-worker, personal trainer and sometimes as homeless.

  • Only back to Rome after bringing these superheroes discouraged on the sidewalks of Paris, Prague, Ibiza, Athens, Miami, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Oakland and St. Paul.
    The installation created by Only exhibition space is a real review on how it went, turning one of the places until yesterday for the imagination and which today are just what they are, while maintaining tracks and signs of glory now.


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