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“I figli di Baal – La Guida Rossa”: interviewing Francesca Costantino


Meet beautiful creatures is not so common these days, but thanks to the great mother life / earth, pure-hearted people still live.
Francesca Constantino, journalist, writer and blogger ( is the editor of fashion magazine and editor for Italian publishers. His passion for mystical, New Age and fantasy has developed since she was young, and we’ll hear more about this girl who comes to you with a smile like Julia Roberts.
Francesca is a mixture of sunshine and mystery, charm and pure beauty, no frills.
It is not artificial or constructed. Never in his interesting writing.
She is a little shy, bold, strong-willed, dedicated to the creation of value between people.
Where I come from we would say… She's really a beautiful guagliona!
And a fascinating and determined author too, with a very rock and roll soul: she explained me the success of her book, and a little about the “The sons of Baal” her new one published recently, and the art of being yourself down to help create, day by day, a better world.

Francesca, we know about your passion for New Age and all mystical and fantasy stuff, but how did you come to the decision to write this beautiful book?
I'm glad you liked it, thank you! I want to tell you a secret: I started writing when I was 9 years old. Then, you know, life experiences should be done, and now, thirty years old, here's my first book, The red guide, full of my passions, from mythology to philosophy, which I thoroughly entering a path of theosophy and martial arts, Kung Fu Tao Lung in particular.
I met wonderful people who helped me, sharing with me their life experiences. We are growing together and we shared a dream, or rather a goal and vision of the future that helps us and that I, for example, has allowed us to publish and hold in your hands my paper book, a real book and real short . This vision of the future is called Island of peace, a place not so much physical as “spiritual”, where those who live by the rules of loyalty, righteousness and humility, and the boundaries are not physical, but moral. I speak of this in my book: the City of Gold, Aurigard, where you set the fantasy of The Sons of Baal, is in fact an island ruled – in theory – according to these principles of evolution. Until … the legitimate power of Baal is usurped by those who can’t handle it.

Tell us what happens in the book and how much love, magic, music and esotericism is this your work?
I wanted to tell the story of three characters, Jason, Sean and Victoria, which are part of a single entity: Baal. It is a part of the “Sons of God”, made up of seven entities came from Venus who decide to be on Earth together to spread the message of evolution. After a hard battle with Mephisto, demon and also part of the Sons of God, Baal is “divided” into three entities (Victoria, Jason and Sean) who, during the reincarnation, try desperately to find each other.
In The Red Guide, Jason was killed by one of the seven that has usurped power, while Sean was exiled from Aurigard, mythological place and “dimensional” by Jason founded to spread the message of Baal. In one of his incarnations, Sean lives in New York of the 80s-90 which is a well-known rock musician (between his songs, even Mad World by Tears for Fears and Digging in the Dirt by Peter Gabriel). Victoria, however, is a black magician, and Aurigard, deepens her skills in magic and fighting. She will also be forced into exile by the Golden City, and after a series of events, will travel in space-time to meet Sean in New York.
Mephisto, meanwhile, wants to prevent the three parts of Baal come together because his old enemy would be too powerful, and to acquire the essence, the heart, the only means by which it can break free from his imprisonment in the Underworld, back on Earth and spread death and destruction.

Who is the person that mostly inspires you for your passion, aside from your spiritual father you mentioned in the acknowledgments?
My spiritual father is required! Then there's also my “mother” spiritual, my guide, who knows me better than myself and, as I said, all the wonderful people “walking” with me, sharing their experiences with the love of growth. Each of them, name by name, is mentioned in the acknowledgments.

I like to think of a woman who writes fantasy books. You are one of the few in Italy. You feel a bit 'like a fish out of water in this area more masculine?
In any place, especially in creativity, it does not matter if you are a man/woman. Jump to footer equal this duality: every human being is potentially a teacher. Those of us on this planet (and beyond) have a goal of evolution for their selves and others. For the good of all. And, in my place of writing and journalism, as someone who has something to communicate, possibly to and in a constructive way, everyone has to do it! I have done so and I’m continuing to so every day: you can do, you do!

What are priorities in your life?
Being a teacher of life, achieving my vision of the future that I called ‘I am the light of the island to the island of peace’. I love those who are nearest and create a peaceful environment around me. Cleanup on my every step that still doesn’t work and build for future generations a wonderful future, even through the words in this first book in the other and I write.

Love, money, power, value for small things, a sense of humor! Your list?
Love, will and then the power to carry, fun and pleasure.
And then, to be! Knowing that your freedom ends where the other’s begins.

Do you believe that life continues after death?
No, I don’t, I know, and I have experience. And life continued even earlier, in an eternal present that involves everything and sentient being in the universe. The gods, the “Seven of the divine lineage” I speak about in The Sons of Baal meet, they either love or hate, decide to walk together from life to life, as long as each will go his way.

What about your next book? Will it be another fantasy story?
For the next two there is talk of the Sons of Baal! It's a trilogy and I want to complete it.
Then I am thinking of a possible fourth book, a sequel and, for now I was asked to write an essay from the most passionate of the game that inspired me for this trilogy, Baldur's Gate.
When I have other ideas, I'll keep you updated!

One of your desire for this “new world” starting…?
It is already born, it's up to us to make it grow and evolve. My desire is to work too strenuously, with all the energy I can and with my whole being, so that all mankind will soon be in the monadic plane, or each of us human beings ourselves, with love, feeling a deep state of peace mind, knowing that they are unique and part of the whole, being well, and each of us specialize, be productive and continue the species to be “masters” of life. I imagine this: a long chain of love that surrounds the planet Earth, we are all human beings who form a chain, holding hands and sing in unison and with joy the same song, facing the universe and God, harmony with the other planets, stars, galaxies, entity

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