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by Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi

Derrick Worsley is an an actor, a motivational speaker, a businessman, but mostly a heartening human being. His experience in the army has fortified his awareness on the importance of triggering people to pursue their dreams, notwithstanding the difficulties that lie ahead. Thusly, following his creed, Derrick is assembling success in a variety of fields, as an online entrepreneur, as an entertainer, as an inspirer, and as a loving husband and father.

In this Exclusive Interview, Derrick Worsley shares his journey to greatness:

How has the army influenced the way you are?

The Army has influenced me in many ways. It has allowed me to grow into becoming a well-rounded individual. That experience has made me a better person, more grounded and more flexible. It has made me more of a go-getter, with opportunities that would come my way: the Army gave me drive and ambition to take on any challenge that's presented before me. Most importantly, it influenced my sense of pride for Country and for Freedom.

Why did you decide to pursue a career in entertainment?

I believe it was my calling. I’ve always been an entertainer, although I was doing great in my professional career, it seemed that something was lacking as if there was a missing void in my life. So when my window of opportunity opened for me to become an actor and model, I grasped the opportunity, and I now feel somewhat whole. When I was young, I would compete in talent shows in which I would always win. My older cousin Jermaine would manage myself and my brother Quaji. So it’s always been embedded in me to be an entertainer and I’ve enjoyed doing what I did so far.

How did you get into acting?

It seems like yesterday when I received a phone call from a Talent Agency asking me to come in for an interview. I faced the opportunity not knowing the outcome because, as they stated, everyone wasn't cut out for the industry. Well, after the interview and after they submitted photos of me to all the major casting directors, I was immediately selected for three acting projects, Eastern Automotive's Commercial, a Movie Film, and Tyler Perry's Have and Have Nots TV Show.

Do you ever bring your army experience in the characters you interpret?

In the Army I experienced many different situations…the one thing I do know that I carry over with me is patience and social attributes. I can converse with anyone, so I would definitely say being outspoken. I've also played the role of a police officer, in which my military tactics and skills help me achieve realistic impersonations of a cop.

How was it to land on such an important television series such as ‘Nashville’?

It was very humbling, being that I had really just started acting and landing a job on the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) was a dream come true. Just the experience alone regarding what takes place behind the scenes was amazing. It was overwhelming to be part of a show that won and was nominated for so many prestigious awards.

What about your experience in film and modelling?

Modelling at first was a little weird. I really had to put work towards posing and really had to figure out my strong side to get the good shots. Eventually, I've had the luxury of being casted for several films in which I'm in the process of doing now. Thus far the experience is slightly different from that of television. I enjoy it all the same though.

Who are the actors who inspire you?

Samuel L. Jackson without a doubt. His characteristics and charisma ranges from humbling to very aggressive in minutes , he literally transforms into his character. There is also Denzel Washington I like, because he goes through many and diverse roles. And I also admire Jim Carrey’s way of switching from comedy to drama. Acting is a craft and I think there are many more that have mastered the art of acting.

What about the repertoire, is there a character you would crave to interpret?

I would definitely love to be part of the project ‘Scandal,’ perhaps in the role of a FBI agent of some sort. Just to be able to work with that cast would be outstanding, I very much admire Kerry Washington.

You have a degree in Information Technology, do you still carry on that field in your life?

Yes without a doubt. I am a proud business owner of two internet companies which are and That knowledge base is what keeps me in the know. I consistently study to maintain proficiency in my craft. Education is power.

You’re also a motivational speaker…

I had to motivate the soldiers. I like to motivate people and to let them know you must keep your head up and react. I speak at any event, whenever, wherever. I love to inspire people to continue to strive for excellence in all that they do. Life takes us through ups and down. How we choose to attack the enemy determines the outcome.

You’ve also been involved in assisting in world catastrophic crises, could you tell me about that experience?

Over the last couple of years, in the States we’ve had many hurricanes and natural disasters. While serving in the military I’ve had the opportunities to be apart of military relief effort for catastrophic events such as the earthquake in Japan, as well as Hurricane Sandy and others over the last 10 years. I’ve been assisting those recovering and making sure everything was handled also logistically. It was a very humbling experience.

How do you manage to also be a family man?

My family inspires me. I must give a big shout out to my better half: my wife Crystal. She helps my balance, and backs me up 24/7. She's there with my kids when I'm away, which allows me to do what I do without hardship and lack of energy. I'm always able to focus and continue my dream.

So where shall we see you next?

I will continue to do ‘Nashville’ and the DIY Network Tv Show ‘I Want That.’ But I do want to take a moment to highlight a musical-movie, ‘Plus Size Divas,’ which is about the hardship encountered by nine plus size women divas, where I’ll be acting as the character George Lamiry.

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