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Joan Wasser
, alias Joan As Police Woman, has lots of good reasons to follow her.
This lovely madame of contemporary-songwriting and rock in pink, is considered one of the most influent woman singers of today, adding of being, in the early ‘90s, the beloved girlfriend of Jeff Buckley.

That would be enough to love her, even not listening to her great voice and to the amazingly terrific words she writes for her own music project, today.
Touring in Europe as a support for her newest and third album, “The Deep Field”, Joan explains, playing her songs, that kind of misterious faith, the deep field, in which she can hear the echoes of searching, and finding ourselves, from the bottom of our maybe lost souls.
Like a new reinasseince, Joan comes out composing and singing, explaing in songs like The Magic, first single of the album, how negative thoughts can be erased by patience and the effort to follow our personal attitudes, finding life peace, as a strange mystic and eterea dame would say to lost souls all around the world.

Not only religion, itself: Joan’s idea on human being can even pass a simple concept of particular faith.
The great singer, who’s opened he stage to artists like Lou Reed and Antony and The Johnsons,  like a contemporary heird to Patti Smith’s art, will open your heart and mind as not so many might do, today.
And, we have to say, with ashes of the same power that her past beloved Jeff can do, even today, about 14 years after his tragic death.
Eternal Flame.

The Magic:

by Ilaria Rebecchi

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