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From the song Gravity’s Rainbow (2006) the 4 synth-pop-rock guys from London have made lots of chart singles and 2 innovative albums mixing new rave and synth pop cultures in a new flow able to convince public and critics: will they become the sons of New Order?

– “Surfing The Void”: the new album after the debut-one, “Myths of The Near Future”: differences?
I think that the main difference could be simply that this second one is music full of human metaphors, with more personality, not only music as art, but also as life!

– Would you tell us how your songs come to life, and the lyrics too?
I have to say that they are like little pieces of puzzles that need to be collected to come to life and be spread out; it’s strange, you know: sometimes we all have inner words that need to come out and magically they take their form by art.

– What artists have always influenced you most in creating your own music? And a music hero you’d love to collaborate with?
Each Klaxons member is an individual guy with such many and different tastes in music and art, you know. I have to say that we do not have a particolar music hero we’d love to collaborate with, but they are so many that I would say everone of them! Our music is the result of our different personalities collected together!
About me? I would say David Bowie, for example, and all the greatest garage punk bands from the ‘80s to nowadays!

– Let’s talk about the new videoclip, of Twin Flames: naked, with bodies united in passion and with visual effects…
We wanted to experiment this kind of visual effect connected with the idea of the song, that’s about the mixing of different souls, and so, also, bodies. I think that the videoclip’s director had done a great work, because it’s passionate, sexy, new and faithful to the song.

– Electro-pop/nu-rave culture: the new era has just started, after  ‘80s influences (now ‘90s)?
That’s the reason we started to make music and to be a band. In the ‘80s his kind of culture has been new and provocative, today, you know, we can see and taste the new upcoming of music based on this old stuff, but, of course, more connected with this kind of society and contemporary art we have in these years.

– You’ve collaborated with Chemical Brothers for their track We Are The Night
I think it’s been the greatest music experience we’ve ever had in our career. My uncle, big fan of them, got excited when he knew about it. They’re so important in the evolution of tday’s music that you can not else that be in love with them!

– What do you think about the Uk music scene, today?

I think that today the Uk musici s too confused: too many bands from everywhere, too much stuff with not so huge identity. Mayb it’d be better to geto ne new and re-start music!

by Ilaria Rebecchi

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