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To celebrate Milan’s Expo 2015, Palazzo Reale has organised a glorious exhibit to tribute the greatest polymath in history, Leonardo Da Vinci. From April 15th (anniversary of his death in 1452) until July 19th the public will be able to admire the work he produced while he was in Milan in the late 15th century, at the court of the Duke Ludovico Sforza.


The Renaissance genius, Tuscan by birth and Milanese by adoption, is evoked with a variety of his works, that include original codes, extracts of the famous Codex Atlanticus, drawings, manuscripts, sculptures, and paintings. Amongst these there areSt Jerome in the Wilderness from the Vatican Museums, Madonna and Child with a Pomegranate from the National Gallery of Art in Washington and Portrait of a Musician from the Pinacoteca Ambrosiana. The Louvre Museum has lent three paintings for this occasion: Belle Ferronière, Annunciation, Saint John the Baptist.


The unique trait of this exhibition is that Leonardo is presented in its versatility in utmost simplicity. Twelve sections unveil his great figure, from the art of draughtsmanship, to anatomy, through science, invention and painting. Also the cerebral realm is not neglected, as you may explore Da Vinci’s idea of reverie along with utopia, juxtaposed to reality. Mathematical knowledge, Copernican heliocentrism, the aspiration to the divine, all represent his interdisciplinary Weltanschauung, epitomised in this grand exhibit at Palazzo Reale.

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