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by Chiara Spagnoli from NY

Once upon a time there was a contemporary Alice in Wonderland who got plunged in London’s West End of wealthy spoilt kids, engaged in procrastination, sex, drugs and ennui.
“Lotus Eaters” sets Alexandra McGuinness’ debut as a director through, an incredibly alluring movie, which has had a great success in many of the most prestigious indie film festivals, such as Tribeca, BFI in London and Taormina.

The film, produced by Mark Lee, has been shot in black and white on 16mm with a visual New Wave-style. Alexandra McGuinness’ choice of using hand held camera, with general lighting and a documentary cut to accommodate the spontaneity of the actors, evokes the Neorealistic approach along with the Nouvelle Vague. The grainy texture nulls time and space, making the story universal for any moment in history, as well as spreading the sense of apathy of the characters.









Alice (Antonia Campbell Hughes, pretty good) longs to transition from model to actress, as she spends much of her time hanging out with her rich, stylish friends like sassy Saskia (Daisy Lewis), flaky Lulu (Jay Choi) and needy Suzi (Amber Anderson) and their assorted boyfriends; and has an on-off relationship with Charlie (Johnny Flynn), who has problems with drugs. In the meantime Felix (Benn Northover) is infatuated with Alice, even as he indecisively keeps his relationship with his girlfriend Suzi. Between wild summer nights in Glastonbury and the South of France, a love torn Orna (Cynthia Fortune Ryan) enjoys acting as matchmaker weaving overlapping love triangles that are bound to shatter many hearts.

These young, rich, beautiful and damned characters are lulled into their numbing decadence by an evocative indie soundtrack featuring the anachronistic folk stylings of Johnny Flynn, O.Children, Josep Xorto and Little Death; alongside performances from some of the London’s most interesting bands such as The Villagers and The Veils.

The costume design by stylist Ruth Higginbotham somehow reinvents the swinging London years through clothing by Chanel, Christopher Kane, John Rocha, Shao Yen Chen, Charlotte Olympia, Boudicca, as well as many up and coming UK designers.

“Lotus Eaters” is a little gem in the uprising ocean of films, as it portrays the indulgent and aloof youth which is captivating and real. Contemporary and archaic at the same, it renders how the excessive lifestyle of such blessed souls, drags them to luxuriate in their own self-destruction.






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