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The second edition of the event will take place between Friday 30th of May and Monday 2nd of June 2014 and will be held in the Palazzo Ducale in Mantova. “Trame sonore a Palazzo” is an international chamber music festival where the Orchestra da Camera di Mantova will collaborate with the Governmental Department in charge of monuments and other treasures, the Soprintendenza per i beni storici, artistici ed etnoantropologici per le province di Mantova, Brescia e Cremona.

The artistic excellence of watching and listening highlights the cultural experience of a more extensive public with more refined expression: chamber music.
Each day of the festival will host non-stop brief musical performances that will link together within the different halls of the Palazzo, along with excursions to other artistic city locations. An articulated itinerary of listening and touring will be presented with different and innovative delights that will provoke a dialogue of various artistic forms and expressions such as music, fine art and architecture.
These refined events are truly rare occasions that will bring out the authentic spirit of making and enjoying chamber music in the same halls where chamber music was originally conceived and composed in.

Chamber Music is one of the highest and most profound expressions of Western culture. Despite Italy, historically attached to opera, has always been indifferent when not hostile to this sublime music genre, we believe this is the best time to re-launch it: it teaches us the art of communication for a common good and it comprises all the features to be a model of civilization even today, as, even though it seems very far away from our current way of life, it has lots of things to say and it can have a sensibly constructive effect on this complex historical period.
The economic situation is forcing music events towards projects that must cause sensation in order to be successful and sell lots of tickets, so, undoubtedly, in Italy, Chamber Music is going through a very difficult period and it’s struggling to survive.
The Mantova Chamber Orchestra, thanks to the First Edition of Mantova Chamber Music Festival, aims at contributing to the spread of and support to Chamber Music: for this reason, it is gathering its many musician friends who, in over thirty years of work, have been supportive and close to the Orchestra. The Mantova Chamber Orchestra uses its distinguishing marks: its town, Mantova, a shrine full of Renaissance architectures, its buildings that turn it into a natural stage, and, mainly, the enthusiasm and the high professional competence of its members.
“Trame Sonore a Palazzo” (Sound plots at the Palace) is the title we have chosen, referring to the many pages of the program. The “heart” of the event will be the Ducal Palace but the event will take place in the whole town, surrounding it with music from dawn to late night. Chamber Music is, thus, taken to its original dimension, it can be listened to and played in ancient palaces, the ideal places to enjoy it and take it closer to people.
This international meeting of artists is totally informal: they meet for the pure pleasure of playing and singing together in the wonderful halls of Mantova, turning it into a real small capital of music even if only for a few days. The reason at the basis of this demanding project is and will always be a value we would like to share with you all: Chamber Music teaches us to communicate without overlapping but looking for considerations, development and enrichment of our thoughts in others’ voices.


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