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North American Spine has pioneered a minimally invasive back surgery called AccuraScope, through a conservative approach, designed to assist patients in finding the most appropriate care given their individual medical situation.


The AccuraScope procedure is unique since the physician inserts a very thin endoscope, holding a high-definition camera and a laser, into the spinal canal via an opening in the base of the spine.  The benefit of the AccuraScope procedure is that the physician is able to diagnose and treat multiple areas of the spine in one procedure, with less trauma.

Bear in mind that a spine procedure is a big decision and it’s important that you fully understand your specific case for any procedure you may undergo. So North American Spine opts for its so called “Continuum of Care” which is an holistic, conservative course of treatments that all back pain patients should follow as they seek relief from their symptoms. Most initial episodes of acute back pain will resolve on their own, given time and rest. Thus, the continuum begins with lifestyle changes in diet and exercise and extends all the way through traditional open-back surgery. North American Spine’s treatments are an exciting and innovative step in the process that will, for many people, provide lasting relief. North American Spine’s minimally invasive treatments for lumbar, thoracic and cervical spine issues have created an important, conservative step between traditional pain management and spine surgery (either open surgery, or one of several so-called “minimally invasive” techniques).

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North American Spine helps patients understand options for back pain procedures, and connects them to leading neurosurgeons, orthopaedic spine surgeons and interventional pain management specialists. Their partner physicians provide more than 30 medical procedures to treat back and neck pain, ranging from pain mapping to minimally invasive spine surgery to neurostimulation; which are located worldwide. The headquarters are in Arizona, Florida, Minnesota, New Jersey, and Texas; whereas partner physicians are also in Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Mexico and Brazil.

North American Spine is a highly ethics-driven company that focuses on providing the most appropriate recommendation to each patient based on a review of his or her MRI report and medical history. As a result, more than 5,000 people have had the AccuraScope procedure, and North American Spine’s satisfaction rate is higher than 95%.

A celebrity who can attest the outstanding benefits is Grammy Award Winning Country Music Singer, Larry Gatlin, who declared “It’s a miracle in my life and I am grateful for it”; here is his full account:

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