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“Not Music”



Duophonic / 4 AD / Drag City
 6/7 / 10

The unconventional attitude made by the historic electro-pop brit-french band Stereolab, reaches now, with the tenth full-lenght disco, “Not Music”, its down-going into the world of unfulfilled expectations and contemporary darkness.
The album is full of inspiration, easy mixture between krautrock, art pop, synths and french chansons (d’amour but not only, of course!), but maybe not with the well known easy-living as in the past productions by Tim Gane and Laetitia Sadier (who’s also ready to come out with her first solo album).
It’s a magnetic beam of darkness and synth-laden edges of rythms, that leads the band now, inspired by the evolution of time and, we suppose, by the increasing maturity and abilities.
“Not Music” lives in the circular melancoly of Delugeoisie, the fading created by Two Finger Symphony and the delicate elaboration of Leleklato Sugar, confirming the recent prospectives not displaying as much guitars as in the past, and pattering a post-modern corner proliferated with synths and mixers.
Interesting change.
Have they stopped the Laisser-Faire era?

everybodys weird exept me
supah jaianto
so is cardboard clouds
leleklato sugar
silver sands
two finger symphony
sun demon
pop molecules (molecular pop)
neon beanbang


By Ilaria Rebecchi

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