admin On ottobre - 28 - 2011

Time to grow up“, we must say.
This forthcoming movie by Director Vincent Lannoo, “Little Glory“, presented in “Alice nella Città” section of the Rome Film Festival 2011, revelead emotional darkness and the need of growing for a 19 years old young man, problematic character, full of doubts and anger, first of all.

Starring Cameron Brigt, Hannah Murray and the young and sweety Isabella Blake Thomas, Lannoo’s movie draws the dramatic story of Shawn and his sister Julie, living in the subsurbs of America, after the death of their lovely mother and of their alchoolist father.
Full of poetry behind this sad-and-strong story of melancholy, too young boys-girls to grow, responsabilities, law and money, with crying moments of how feelings and brotherhood, sometimes, can fight, and win, over all.

by Ilaria Rebecchi


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