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Based on R.L. Stevenson’s short-novel “The Ebb-tide, and surounded by the noir athmosphere, “Waves” is the first movie by Corrado Sassi, and tells the story of three men sailing  from Italy to the Eastern Mediterranean.
A sailorman and two suspected  men with a specific reason to escape from their own country.

The cast (Director Corrado Sassi and actors Luca Marinelli, Andrea Vergoni and Francesco Di Leva) told us more about the movie:
The movie is based on this unfinished novel dated 1894 by R.L.Stevenson, ‘The Ebb-Tide’, like a noir on the sea. I love the sea, and it’s been so difficult to direct on a boat”, as Director Corrado Sassi told us, adding “the boat is a very small place to live, like a sailing cave where you have to interact with others. On the beginning you can’t expect our protagonists should be so cruel as at the end, and they’re completely un-contemporary… You might think of them in the ’80s or today, isn’ it true? I love Conrad and Roman Polanski too and they’veen an inspiration for my movie.
The whole movie is based on Greek tragedy!”

A slow story, full of silences and stares, till the very best ending, the surprise one.


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