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The Band de Jotas is the new movie by Director, artist, illustrator Majane Satrapi, like a variant delusional about the exchange of suitcases in an airport.
Nils and Didier arrive in the south of Spain to participate in a badminton tournament. And a strange woman is manipulative settle accounts with the local underworld. When they meet to make the exchange of luggage, their lives will switch all three.
While nothing predestined to become the second knives, Nils and Didier agree with him.
Against all odds, they will become hitmen outstanding … or not.

That’s the synopsis of “La Bande de Jotas” the brave new little masterpiece by artist Marjane Satrapi who told us:
I’m Iranian and I live in France, Hollywood asked me many times to join so different cinema projects, from comic ones to childhood target, from terrorism themes to something else. I’m interested in doing different types of things, project after project. Listen: I’m 42 years old and I’m supposed to live about 30 more years. I’ve calculated that in the next 30 years I’ll be able to make about 10 more movies, so I’d love them to be completely different one from the other. That’s the reason why I’m not to work on some more animated movies: too many times to do animations, and pain, for me, too!
If I like to be rich I’ll surely make some other comic books and movies for the following Persepolis II and III and more, but I’m a woman whose favourite food is linguine alle vongole, and it takesnot too much money to eat them!”


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