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Presented at the end of the Rome Film Festival 2012, in MAXXXI competition, “Tar” is a movie adapted by James Franco and the students in the class he teaches at New York University, as a compilation of ten short films each directed by a student, based on a book of poems titled Tar by Pulitzer Prize winner C.K. Williams.

Tar is something like New York, I Love You, with every short film based on one poem, together as a whole, acting as a look at the poet’s life through his poetry.

Franco told about the movie:

I contacted people I knew who I thought were open to such a project. All I have responded with enthusiasm and they did … then the students are still at that point where they are pure and motivated.

After I graduated from New York University, I proposed to teach a class. I wanted to do a few things I’d never seen before in a school – working professionally, find a funding, great actors, and although a very small budget, get a high level of production. When you’re dealing with poetry, you have to think about a completely different film-form, will open to new approaches. “Our latest film has a unique atmosphere. It tells a story and at the same time is a look at the life of the poet.”




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