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Twenty years ago, the chansonnier, author first of all of immortal songs like Je T’Aime… Moi Non Plus, Serge Gainsbourg, died (2nd March 1991).
Now lots of events, exhibitions and albums are ready to come out to celebrate the French great singer.

In the last months, french radios are filled by the song, Comme un Boomerang, written by actess-singer Dani, in Serge’s verion, and this is only one of lots of instrumental songs and rare verion of Valse De Melody or Ah! Melody, from the album “Histoire De Melody Nelson”, adding, also, to L’Escroc, a song written by the artis a san interlude for a movie in sketch, and to lots of songs rom his career re-interpreted by artists like Juliette Greco or Vanessa Paradis, in the reprint in vynil of his first four album.

Books like “L’Integrale Gainsbourg” by Loic Picaud and Gilles Verlant, telling the story of the poet-singer and his songs, like La Javanaise and Viva La Pizza, for a sketch by Jean Pierre Cassel, add to the amount of exhibitions tht are opening in this weeks in France, from the one in Paris, at Charpentier Gallery, with about 40 images of Serge released by photographers like William Klein, Helmut Newton and Tony Frank.

At least, the documentary-movie “Gainsbourg (Vie Heroique)”, by Joann Sfar, has been nominated for the Cèsar Award, and his famous actress daughter Charlotte, has been nominated as Best Actress for the movie “L’Arbre”.

Serge lives. Again.

by Ilaria Rebecchi

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