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by Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi

Patricia Astore is a volunteer Secretary for the South Jersey Horse Rescue, that always tried to be the sanctuary to animals and humans alike. The animals they have are primarily equines (thereby the name of South Jersey Horse Rescue); a couple of dogs and several cats, all of which have been rescued. Actually also some chickens joined the happy oasis. As for the humans, the Rescue started handicapped riding lessons, and want to extend that to more handicapped riding as well as veterans’ riding.

But this animal-human garden of Eden is on the verge of closing. Patricia has shared the following story which we hope will sensitise people and help the rescue’s cause:

Artist and founder of this magical place, Ellen Strack, seems to have her private life threatening her good deeds to the community. Her ex-husband, an abusive and alcoholic man, who didn’t share Ellen’s dream and vision bought the property of South Jersey Horse Rescue‏, but now will not sign the paperwork to allow Ellen to the purchase the property.

Ellen initially was allowed to stay in the house until foreclosure. There was no equity  since her name isn’t on the deed, and she wasn’t even allowed to keep it by paying the mortgage.

Strack’s former husband has no intention of selling the property to his ex-wife and the risk is that the property will end up going to Sheriff Sale on Oct 31st, or two weeks later in case there’s a further another adjournment.  This man would obviously do anything to see the rescue close.

If that happens, then Ellen, the horses, dogs, cats, chickens, everyone and everything will be kicked off of the property. At the earliest, ten days after the sale. If the property does not sell at the sheriff’s sale, then it goes back to the bank holding the mortgage and Ellen could possibly go in as a buyer with a co-signer.

Faxes and emails to the attorneys for the bank haven’t produced any answers whatsoever. This property is the ideal location for the rescue, lots of land, no development because it is protected by Pine-lands and low taxes. So far this organisation has saved forty-six horses in almost four years, in addition to two dogs and several cats.

A solution could be that someone bought the rescue at the sheriff’s sale for the rescue and let Ellen and the rescue pay them back or rent it to the team. That would be the best case scenario all around.

The clock is ticking and it’s time we remembered that people working on non-profits such as these, just for the sake of helping creatures roaming on this world, should inspire us to follow in their footsteps. If you can, please take action and lend a hand to this noble cause.

You may contact Ellen Strack and her team at or via Facebook:


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