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"Swanlights" - Antony & The Johnsons




Rough Trade
8 / 10

There are so many values in the voice of the great androgynous of songwriting Antony Hegarty, that every single song he creates with his Antony & The Johnsons project is part of a box of pathless and delicate sorrow, full of desperate tenderness and melancholy.
He comes out, one year after “The Crying Light”, with “Swanlights”, a mixture of psychedelic influences of ghostly derivations, from memories of lost loves to the awareness of the loss of biodiversity nowadays, and, of course, as usual, investigating on the effects of abandonment that everyone of us feels someday shocked by the too fast evolution of the world, looking to dance again in the light.
Explorations of new ambient sounds mixed up with classical flows of the piano and with the pattern of the exraordinary voice of Antony that gives echoes of mistery and sacredness every single moments of the 11 songs of “Swanlights”, with a title-track commemorating the best of Björk, the so sweet pop of Thank You For Your Love, the darkness experience evocated in Christina’s Farm and the lovely and appassionate masterpiece of Everything Is New, able to give you the possibility of touching spirits only in the listening to the increasing pathos created.
Still not in love with the art of Antony?

1. “Everything Is New”
2. “The Great White Ocean”
3. “Ghost”
4. “I’m in Love”
5. “Violetta”
6. “Swanlights”
7. “The Spirit Was Gone”
8. “Thank You for Your Love”
9. “Flétta” (with Björk)
10. “Salt Silver Oxygen”
11. “Christina’s Farm”



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