Strong, icely, without pity and regret: Richard Kuklinski has been one of the worst serial killer in USA history, also known for being adopted by Italian Mafia thanks to his attitude to kill without asking and in a short time. Director Ariel Vromen and actor Michael Shannon, interviewed by King's road magazine at the Venice  [ Read More ]


90TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATIONS CULMINATE WITH OPENING OF THE GUCCI MUSEO IN FLORENCE   A year of events in celebration of Gucci’s 90th anniversary will culminate with the official public opening of the GUCCI MUSEO inside the historic Palazzo della Mercanzia located in Florence’s Piazza Signoria.  A permanent exhibition from its rich and culturally significant archive, which  [ Read More ]


The year of Captain America: from upcoming anniversary stories to Joe Johnston’s movie starring Chris Evans, Tommy Lee Jones and Hugo Weaving. And more & more tba.