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The promising Italian actor, Elio Germano, takes a stab at Will Eno

Elio Germano, repeatedly anointed by the Italian cinema, has established himself for choosing quality films, acting his roles outstandingly. An endless list of prizes, – such as the David of Donatello and Best Actor in Cannes – testify his skills.

The rambling monologue of a boy. A bee stings him. His dog dies. A woman introduces him to the female realm. Through his speech he gets lost in the twists and turns of his mind, he gets easily distracted and involves the audience constantly. The intertwine is so intense that Artaud’s breaking of the fourth wall puts the audience in dismay. For indeed Thom takes aim at anyone seated in the room. We realise just as we exit the theatre that the entire reality-fiction is majestically orchestrated with actors mixed with the theatregoers.

Elio Germano’s Thom Pain has the talent to disquiet and evoke tenderness. The nerdy loser triggers excitement and empathy. Fear is what haunts this lost soul, undoubtedly in unison with every single listener.

by Chiara Spagnoli


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