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To be released in March 2011, the appassionate poetry by Mr.Tom Waits will accompany a selection of striking images by the award winning photo-journalist Michael O’Brien (who’s worked with Waits for his “Glitter And Doom” album cover).
Hard Ground” is a sensational and exciting book/portrait about, and dedicated to, homeless, a special gift by the combination between the to amazing talents in art, as an independent documentary full of complementary views of the trials of homeless and the resilience of people who survive on the streets.
The book itself, is modeled after 1941’s “Le Us Now Praise Famous Men”, collaboration between James Agee and Walker Evans, who supplied shots of Depression-era farmers”, said Tom Waits, “Michael has created a portrait of homeless that impels us to look into the eyes of people who live on the hard ground and recognize our common humanity”.
Great author and singer, actor and poet: Tom Waits never fails his works.

Tom Waits:
Blue Valentines”:

by Ilaria Rebecchi

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