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The acclaimed Broadway production Les Miz that will soon be out in movie theatres, will not devour this smaller low budget production that enhances the story of Jean Valjean. Victor Hugo’s character has been remoulded by Fulvio Crivello (the director), Sandro Cuccuini (composer) and Fabrizio Rizzolo (lyricist). But the changes concern the plot alone, for instance there shall be romance between Valjean and Fantine. Narrative license aside, what the character of Valjean symbolises is simply enhanced majestically: the redemption of a man tackling his opposing destiny. The music and lyrics differ from the customary score used in Italian musicals, that draws on melodrama and opera. In this case the beat prevails on melody, similarly to the Off-Broadway productions, and just as them the mise en scene is spectacular. Five actors (Fabrizio Rizzolo, Isabella Tabarini, Sebastiano Di Bella, Susi Amerio, Giorgio Menicacci, Alessandro Vertice) play twenty-six roles switching from one scene to the next with a perfect timing synchronised to the scenery that changes on stage. Valjean’s cart opens up and takes the features of each new location in a game of nested boxes, almost to testify the file rouge of the burden he carries along his path towards redemption.

The theatrical musical has a very noble trait, as it is stretches out to social issues and has thusly held some performances in several prisons. In the city of Milan the show was on in the prison of San Vittore and of Opera. Now the entire company has landed in the prestigious Teatro San Babila and will be there from October 2nd to October 7th.

By Chiara Spagnoli



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