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by Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi

Colouring books are the new worldwide trend. The act of colouring has proven, in a very short period of time to be therapeutic, mediative, creative and addictively beneficial. IN 2015 alone, the sales of colouring books in America have reached 1 to 1.12 million units.
Riding the craze of the good vibes that come from this activity is Gainsayer Press that launched a kickstarter campaign with a  coloring book for patriotic people, that features hand-selected and hand-drawn versions of some of the best propaganda posters of the 20th Century.
These posters endure and enlighten, providing a window into how iconography, sympathy for children, and the evolving place of women in society motivated populations to work and fight during times of total war. The posters come from around the globe and include some of most inspiring (and inadvertently hilarious) images of their respective eras. Nations include; Australia, Russia, China, Canada, The UK, The United States, and many more. Each poster includes a description of its origin and significance, as well as humorous details. Whether it’s the Soviet Kitsch or dire warnings over the spread of VD, make history with these framable motivators.

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